[freeside-users] freeside - too slow

Victor victor at ambra.ro
Fri Aug 26 23:51:14 PDT 2005

I know the problem it is  not from freeside, but it  I asked on this 
list because it looks like the right place.
The processor it is not all the time at 100%, just after I start 
freeside and very rare in the rest.
Freeside runs acceptable, but I want to optimize it.

Apache restarts in 1 second and the CPU is ok.
The first time when I access freeside main page the cpu 1 goes to 100% 
for about 10 seconds(http process takes it all).
The second time is ok, but without restarting apache, the cpu 1 goes to 
100% sometimes(http process again).
Why the http process?
I want to know what takes it so long(about 10 seconds).
I belive it builds a cache?
Is thist cache rebuilding periodocaly?

I will try the volano benchmark.
Thank you.
Shivkumar wrote:

>I agree with Jeff & Pete.
>Its probably got nothing to do with freeside at all. I would advise you to
>run the volano benchmark or something similar to find out whether the
>problem is with your hardware/OS.
>I would advise you to check whether the kernel is compiled for SMP support
>because when you say that *the* processor is working at 100%, are you
>talking about cpu0 or cpu1 or both?
>ps I am running freeside 1.5.7 on a P-1,75 MHz with 128 MB RAM (This is of
>course a development server) with no problems at all esp the ones that you
>My production machine is a Sun Sparc/Solaris8 with 2 GB RAM.

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