message to over-write files after copy of FS-SelfService/cgi/, then FS-SignClient/cgi/ diretory on external machine...

Clyde Swann cswann at
Sun Apr 3 21:57:45 PDT 2005


These are the files prompted for over-write after above described copy 
operations.  cvv2.html, cvv2.png, cvv2_amex.png, signup.html.  Is this a 
non-issue or should I be copying to different directories?  Did not find 
a posting on the issue.

I chose not to over write files.  All files were copied to my web server 
root.  Leaving the .html files in web server root and moving the .cgi 
files to the cgi directory under web server root.  Is this correct 
assumption please?

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