Importing & access to radius usage info within Freeside

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Wed Jun 16 03:50:37 PDT 2004


	In evaluating Freeside for our ISP, we've come up against
a problem of identifying the processes & actions required to
load or access radius-based "data usage" (ie: "AcctOutputOctets"
& "AcctInputOctets") information for our user accounts in Freeside.

	We've read the FAQs, RTFM'd & extensively searched the
Mailing List & though there's a couple of entries about it,
we can't identify the exact process required for Freeside to
be able to access our radacct DBs (mySQL radius db's populated
by Freeradius). We've also seen the entry in Radiator's FAQ
about Freeside, which isn't encouraging (on the face of it),
but if Radiator is better/best for use with Freeside
than Freeradius, then please advise..

	Our installation is using the following s/ware systems
with Freeside:

FreeBSD 4.9
FreeRADIUS 0.9.3 using
mySQL 4.0.17 for radacct DB logging
(we've installed both Freeside 1.4.1 & 1.5.0pre4)
Perl 5.8.3 & all req'd Perl modules (notably 2.81,
which we had to degrade to from 5.8.3's default installed 3.01)
Apache 1.3.29 with mod_perl 1.29

	We've configured services of the svc_acct type
with an "sqlradius" export selected & setup packages
with the "sqlradacct_hour" plan set & the Price Plan
for these packages set to the "Base charge + charge per-hour
(and for data) from an external sqlradius radacct table".
When customers are added with these packages we can see
0 input & output usage in their Account View, but there is
Online time usage information (though currently incorrect
- we're still working on that one) displayed in the Acct View
for these customers.

	We note the "attribute_since_sqlradacct" function
in (in 1.4.1) & the use of it for AcctOutputOctets
& AcctInputOctets in view/svc_acct.cgi & edit/part_pkg.cgi
for the 'sqlradacct_hour' plan, but where is the actual
data imported into or read or processed by freeside on a regular
or billing basis? (as opposed to a view basis)
Is it freeside-daily, which we're running daily by cron & which
is running fine for other acct types?
-daily has & does process this sample customer, but is just
listing the base monthly amount for the package, which includes
data usage charging over a set amount of "output megabytes included".
We believe that the 'session server' & thus the
freeside-sqlradius-radacctd, freeradius-login & freeside_logout
scripts & radiusd hooks are no longer used.. (?)

	Apologies for any lack-of-clue shown here & in all other
ways we're very impressed with Freeside. Kudos to Ivan & the
other contributors to the system!

Regards & many thanks,

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