[freeside] FreeSide 1.5 & Signup Server

ivan ivan at 420.am
Sun Aug 8 19:59:16 PDT 2004

On Sun, Aug 08, 2004 at 09:30:34PM -0500, Jamyn wrote:
> Prior to emailing the list, I did turn on debugging, and it looked to me 
> like
> parts of the hash that contained the user's information when signing up were
> not being sent back correctly.  It looked like the password being typed was
> placed into the phone number field.

That's useful.  If you wanted to debug your problem further, suggest
isolating at which point your password data is being lost - in
signup.cgi, on the client (public signup) machine, on the Freeside
backend - and debugging the problematic piece.

> I am logging in as a reseller (agent.cgi), and then attempting to sign 
> up a new
> client.

Also useful information.  Though I do have a few customers using it now,
the reseller interface is the newest and is the least popular of the
different self-service functions (signup, customer self-service,
reseller interface), and is still under somewhat active development, and
thus the least suited to the kind of comprehensive user-level community
support you're looking for at this time.  The reseller interface would
be more suited for development contribution than simple bug reporting at 
this time.


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