[freeside] cust_pay_batch.cgi not displaying data

Roger Alumbaugh Roger at Alumbaugh.com
Sun Aug 1 17:39:23 PDT 2004

As a backup alternative I used webmin to view and print what was in the
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Subject: RE: [freeside] cust_pay_batch.cgi not displaying data
I noticed the same thing last week, but I've just been going thru making
sure all the perl modules were installed correctly, etc. I assumed it
was my setup. 1.4.1 RHEL3.0, apache1.3 and mod_perl from sources,
postgres db.
If anyone's seen this before and can suggest a fix I'd appreciate it,
Ryan Trainor

From: Roger Alumbaugh [mailto:Roger at Alumbaugh.com] 
Sent: Saturday, 31 July 2004 6:23 PM
To: ivan-freeside at sisd.com
Subject: [freeside] cust_pay_batch.cgi not displaying data
Initially we are manually running our credit cards through our old
system so "live" credit card isn't set up yet.  But when I go to view
pending batches no data is displayed in the report, however there is a
line for each pending transaction.. the boxes are just empty.
Anybody else have this problem?    Did I miss a configuration setting
somewhere?  All the data looks fine in the sql database for these cards
and I can view the data fine in the table so it isn't a huge problem but
would be convenient to look at it via some report.. (version 1.4.1,
fresh install, postgresql, debian linux)
Thanks for any insights..
Roger Alumbaugh
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