[freeside] Exports

Nate Bradley Nate at acsmagnum.com
Thu Apr 1 09:35:34 PST 2004

Use the existing docs and look closely at the export config pages,  the
only tricky thing is setting up ssh for unattended logins.
Beyond that, they are self explanetory (passing proper args. etc.)

>>> billing at web-runner.com 4/1/2004 7:45:31 AM >>>

Are there any updated doc's on exports? I set up freeside about 10
months ago under a really tight deadline along with several other
projects and only had time to set the system up to take care of my
billing needs. I now have some time between projects to get some work
done and would like to learn more about exports.

I am running 1.4.1-rc3 on the current server but will be upgrading that
to current stable in this process.

Rodney Rees

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