[freeside] keep getting blank svc_domain.svcnum

Randall Lucas rlucas at tercent.net
Thu Nov 20 17:50:30 PST 2003

To clarify;

When one is selling shell accounts in one's own domain, ought one to "fix"
one's domain and "sell" one to his internal customer, and then in turn sell
accounts that use that domain?  Or ought one always to use a non-fixed domain
in the service definition, even when "selling" your internal customer your own
domain (if so, what is the proper use of a fixed domain?).


ivan at 420.am wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 12:28:44PM -0800, Randall Lucas wrote:
> > So, I'm not 100% familiar with how you would use a svc_domain type to set
> > up domains for your customers, but let's take the example of:
> >
> > dannyswebhost.cxm
> >
> > You would need to create a service type of type domain and fix the domain
> > name as "dannyswebhost.cxm."
> No.  Never create a svc_domain servicd definition with a default or
> fixed domain.  Simply enter the desired domain when you provision the
> domain service for a customer.
> >  Create a package type offering that service
> > type.  Add a customer that's an internal customer of type comp, and
> > "purchase" him an instance of that package type with the domain.
> This is correct.
> --
> _ivan

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