keep getting blank svc_domain.svcnum

DPH danny-hembree at
Thu Nov 20 11:44:26 PST 2003

I've just installed freeside-1.4.1 on a Redhat 9 Linux system using 
Postgress 7.3.3 , mason 1.23, apache 1.3.28...
When trying to add a Customer I get this error:
Error: Can't find domsvc  in svc_domain.svcnum

I believe I've done everything the Administration page says. I've 
defined srvide types, one of them being a domain. I've defined packages 
that use the domain service type. When I try to add a customer using 
any of the package types (various web hosting packages) I get the above 
error. I've looked through the archive and have seen much discussion on 
the issue but they all seem to say this:

1. define a domain service type with blank modifiers
2. define a package that uses the domain service type
4. define agent types and agents and set them to use the packages
5. set up an advertising source
6. Add a new Complimentary customer
	at this point I get the error

I get the same error on, no 
matter what package I try to assign to the customer, There are 
variations here though, kore mio gives an ASP error and test50 says 
"Error: Can't find domsvc 9 in svc_domain.svcnum". All the rest give 
the error mentioned above.

My svc_domain table is empty. I've defined 5 pachages that only have 
the domain service (one year, two...). They don't show up under the 
customer's package selection options. I see this at the webdemo site as 
well, there is no "Nameserver", for any of the sales agents, presented 
among the new customer's options. I have another 40+ hosting packages 
defined and about 25 services. All the hosting packages do show up 
under the new customer's drop down, but they all give the above error.

Some of the messages on the mailing list seem to suggest that a new 
domain service type must be created for each domain, before the 
customer can be entered, and that domain must be provisioned? So if if 
have 10k virtual host clients I'd need to create a domain service type 
for each one before I can enter them as a customer? there would then 
have to be a new package defined that used the new domain service type 
for each one? That doesn't seem like the way it should work I must be 
reading this wrong.

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