Freeside 1.4.1 Canceling Accounts

Stephen D. Bechard steve at
Thu Nov 13 07:34:16 PST 2003

I am currently running Freeside 1.4.1 on FreeBSD 4.8 with 
perl 5.6.1 and postgresql 7.3.4. 

I am having some issues dealing with Canceling or Expiring
Accounts and ending up with a corrupt master.passwd.

Here is the current issues that I am finding...

I have a Package Configured that has the following:
    1 - Dialup PPP/POP3 Account
    4 - POP3 Account

The primary Dialup PPP/POP3 Account has exports configured 
to the same server for textradius and shellcommands, and the
four POP3 Accounts has exports configured to the same server
for shellcommands only.

It appears that if I have a customer that has more than
two of these svc_acct's configured and I click on the
Cancel Package option, I end up with a corrupt master.passwd 
file that is missing several hundred or more accounts.

It only seems to be a problem if there are two svc_acct's
that are configured that end up in the master.passwd file
on the remote system. If I just suspend the package then
everything is okay, or at least doesn't corrupt the file.
The same outcome is arrived if you set the Expire on the Package.

I think it might be something related to the queue not waiting
for one deletion to finish before it try's the second, but I
am not really sure how the queue dependencies work....

The only work around that I have found so far is that I must
unprovision each account individually first, then cancel the
package. However, this is risky as some of the other techs that
deal with the customers forget to look before clicking Cancel.
I have been lucky so far, as I have always had a root account
opened on the box and just copied the backup master.passwd
back, but one of these days my luck will run out.

Has anyone else seen this behavior running Freeside on FreeBSD?
Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

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