[freeside] Selfservice Server Config

ivan at 420.am ivan at 420.am
Tue May 27 20:41:51 PDT 2003

The self-service interface is under development and not yet ready for
non-commercial user-level support.  A announcement will be made when
there is proper documentation and we're ready to field user-level
questions concerning it.  At this time, if you have need of the
self-service functionality, you should become involved in or sponsor
development or documentation.


On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 03:22:46PM +1200, David wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been looking at freeside in my spare time with the intension of 
> replacing our current billing system with freeside.
> I was attempting to read the docs for the self service server but 
> freeside-selfservice-server.html only seems to include the code below.
> I have looked at 1.4.1beta7 and 1.4.1rc2 but there doesn't seem to be a 
> "selfservice server" reference with the other fine manuals.
> Any clarification would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> David.
> <html>
> <head>
> <title>./FS/bin/freeside-selfservice-server.pod</title>
> <link REV="made" HREF="mailto:bhcompile at daffy.perf.redhat.com">
> </head>
> <body>
> <a NAME="__index__"></a>
> <!-- INDEX BEGIN -->
> <!-- INDEX END -->
> </body>
> </html>


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