[freeside] MySQL 4.1 support

Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Tue May 13 06:18:28 PDT 2003

OK. I'm going to take the lack of reply to mean that
no-one actually runs MySQL 4.1 with Freeside.


On Friday 09 May 2003 11:31, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> Howdy list,
> Just curious if anyone is actually using MySQL 4.1 and
> Freeside together right now? Any problems with that
> setup? I know 4.1 is alpha right now, but I'm just
> evaluating Freeside at this point. No production yet.
> If I _can_ use MySQL 4.1 and Freeside, then that's the
> route I'd like to take since I'm more familiar with it.
> Otherwise I'll just have to bite the bullet and install
> Postgres.
> Please, no "Postgres is better than..." comments. Not
> looking for MySQL bashing. Just a straight answer.
> Thanks.

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