[freeside] Adding realm to end of username in radius export

Joseph Tanner josetann at yahoo.com
Mon May 12 12:22:54 PDT 2003

> Don't clone the file; make a subclass and reuse the
> code.  Submit a
> patch once you've got it working.

Sorry, I'm confused on this.  I don't see how making a
subclass that calls sqlradius.pm is any different than
making the changes to sqlradius.pm itself, since I
would not need the original functionality of

> No.  Read any of the available exports that use
> domains for example.

I looked at sqlmail.pm.  In part_export.pm it has two
listings, one that has nodomain set and one that does
not.  In the beginning it does ask for the name of the
domain table so I would assume the script does get the
domain somewhere.  However a search on domain only
shows three results in that file (all in the first few
lines) and domsvc shows up once.  I am able to follow
the $fields variable some but I admit I do get lost in

Also tried getting the deprecated export code to work,
searched the lists, basically I enabled
icradiusmachines and for icradius_secrets I put:


I then ran svc_acct.export username and it gave no
errors, but also did not export anything to my

I do apologize if I'm bothering you, feel free to just
ignore me.  I can usually figure out the answer after
a couple days of searching but this time, no luck.

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