ivan at 420.am ivan at 420.am
Mon Jun 30 06:27:01 PDT 2003

1.4.1rc4, a release candidate for 1.4.1, is now available from

Please test this release candidate thoroughly.  If no serious bugs are
found, this code will be released as 1.4.1 soon.

- fix spurious retries on "Bill Now" and card info changes if multiple
  realtime_ invoice events were defined
- explicitly require Time::Local 1.05 on old (5.005) perl
- Pg 7.3 incompatibility with empty dates in Failed Invoice Event
  patch from rlucas at tercent.net
- increase maximum domain length to 67
- Export updates:
  - minor cp export update (suspend/unsuspend, working password changes)
  - sqlmail export backported from 1.5
  - sqlradius export doc update
  - added sqlradius_withdomain export with realms
  - shellcommands _default_ default now sets GECOS like the OS-defaults
  - add vpopmail presets to shellcommands_withdomain export
  - fix shellcommands export: $new_quoted_password vs.
  - fix apache export: \n\n between virtualhost entries
  - fix bugs in forward_shellcommands export, working now
  - add radius-ip configuration parameter for Framed-IP-Address vs.


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