[freeside] setup help (Mason & Apache problem)

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Sat Jun 7 09:17:15 PDT 2003

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> This is a Mason FAQ:
> http://www.masonhq.com/docs/faq/#why_am_i_getting_404_errors_for_
> Please search the web and documentation available to you _before_ asking
> the mailing list for assistance.  Thanks

I made it clear that I wasn't familiar with most of the Perl modules
required by
Freeside in my first post. I posted my previous question to the list because
I didn't
know if the problem was related to an incorrectly installed Mason module or
incorrectly installed Freeside. It turns out that Freeside was the problem.

Furthmore, I wouldn't have had to ask the list at all if the installation
documentation I
was following:


was complete! This documentation never says anything about modifying the
'comp_root' variable in '/usr/local/etc/freeside/handler.pl'. In addition,
above install doc is very vague about where the 'masondocs' folder should
be copied and where the handler.pl script should be copied.

I think the 'Mason' section needs to look like this:

 ------ begin mason stuff ------
- Run make masondocs
- Copy masondocs/ to your web server's document space. (like
- Copy htetc/handler.pl to /usr/local/etc/freeside (use
htetc/handler.pl-1.0x for Mason versions before 1.10).
- Edit handler.pl and:
    1.) set an appropriate comp_root, such as
    2.) set an appropriate data_dir, such as
- Configure Apache to use the handler.pl file and to execute .cgi files
using HTML::Mason. For example:
  PerlModule HTML::Mason
  <Directory /usr/local/apache/htdocs/freeside-mason>
  <Files ~ (\.cgi)>
  AddHandler perl-script .cgi
  PerlHandler HTML::Mason
  require "/usr/local/etc/freeside/handler.pl";
------ end mason stuff ------

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