[freeside] Optimal firewall setup

ivan at 420.am ivan at 420.am
Wed Oct 30 12:06:33 PST 2002

On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 09:46:21AM -0800, Rich Beams wrote:
> Ivan,
> Could you suggest an optimal firewall setup for Freeside.  2 servers: 1 for
> public web, RADIUS, and email ... the other for Freeside.  I've read in the
> email archives that a few people had wierd problems with some hardware
> firewalls.  If hardware is recommended, what product (small 4-5 port to
> start with) is reliable with Freeside?

Sorry, I don't have a hardware recommendation.  Perhaps others do.

> And should the firewall be placed
> only to isolate the Freeside server or in front of both servers with NAT to
> the web/RADIUS/email server?

The firewall should be placed to isolate your Freeside server.  You may
also wish to place your internal sales/tech desktops on the private
network with your Freeside serer, or you may wish to place them on a
separate private network.

> If a software firewall is ok, which one would you use and how would
> you configure it?

Personally, I'd use Linux or BSD, but I'm sure there are reasonable
vendor products too.  Configuring firewalls is really outside the scope
of this list.


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