Freeside draft checks scheme changes

Jeff Foster jfoste at
Tue Nov 6 08:13:51 PST 2001

I've started work on support for draft checks againist
user's bank accounts. I want to run this past you before
I get too far into it. I would like to alter cust_main 
to add these columns -

alter table cust_main add column routingnum varchar(12);
alter table cust_main add column accountnum varchar(20);
alter table cust_main add column checknum varchar(8);

	routingnum - bank routing number
	accountnum - customer's account number
	checknum - next check number to use

I could have re-used some of the credit card and invoice 
fields but didn't think that it was the best way to go.

Comments/Questions please.

Jeff Foster
jfoste at

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