[freeside] 1.4.0pre5

Edward Shabotinsky lanshark at bsinet.net
Thu Nov 1 22:44:50 PST 2001

went just fine after editing of 'Makefile' for fbsd
got just one error, but i think it's just fbsd type error.

Manifying blib/man1/freeside-print-batch.1
/usr/bin/pod2man: bad option in paragraph 38 of bin/freeside-print-batch:
``-d'' should be [CB]<-d>


Edward Shabotinsky
System Engineer
BritesiteINet Inc.
lanshark at bsinet.net
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Subject: [freeside] 1.4.0pre5

> 1.4.0pre5 is on the web site.
> This release adds a web configuration editor, easier installation
> (hopefully) and should work on MySQL again.
> No schema changes are required if upgrading from pre4, just edit the
> top-level Makefile for your freeside document root, run `make install',
> then restart Apache and freeside-queued.
> --
> _ivan

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