[freeside] Error

ivan ivan at 420.am
Thu Mar 8 02:57:07 PST 2001

On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 01:35:06PM +0300, Andrew Wafula wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks, your last answer sorted me out. Now I got another problem. I
> installed to the letter as per the installation instructions in
> htdocs/docs/install.html.
> I decided to go for the "Use Perl's setuid emulation: see the Security Bugs
> section of the perlsec manpage" way.

Getting this to work is dependant on your OS and is a compile-time
configuration option in Perl, so you should provide your OS as well as
_all_ the other information requested in the message you received when you
signed up for the list.

Perl setuid emulation isn't always included with prepackaged Perl (rpm or
deb or ports) and is often a separate package.

> However whenever I try to browse anything e.g customers, I get the following
> error. What should I do to correct it.
> Not running uid freeside! at /home/httpd/html/freeside/search/cust_main.cgi
> line 80

You need to verify that Perl's setuid emulation is working, and that the
files have the correct permissions.  Alternatively, you can use suExec or 


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