Add Customer screen

Robert Haskins rhaskins at
Tue Jul 3 08:51:10 PDT 2001

I'm running Freeside under the following configuration:

Freeside 1.3.1
Perl 5.6.0
PostgreSQL 7.1.1
DBI 1.16
DBD Pg 0.95 (I couldn't get anything higher than 0.95 to install/test 

I've added service definitions and package definitions, yet when I go 
into the Add Customer screen I get only 1 package. (I've installed 
Freeside several times, and each time it seems to take a different 
package.) It would seem reasonable to me that you should see all of the 
available packages in the Add Customer screen.

Thanks for your help!
Robert D. Haskins
mailto:rhaskins at

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