[freeside] Problem exporting icradius

Adam Rose adamr at eaze.net
Mon Apr 23 10:07:52 PDT 2001

I think I may have found my problem.  I had the radcheck UserName
attributes set to 30 and the radreply UserName set to 40.  I went ahead
and set them both to 40 and the problem seems to have passed.  Any further
info is greatly appreciated.


On Mon, 23 Apr 2001, Adam Rose wrote:

> Ivan,
> I have notice that when freeside exports,sometimes, a lot of space is put
> before each attribute and value.  This has just recently been happening. 
> eg: User 		:Attribute		:Value
>     test		:           Service-Type:            PPP
> I checked to see if ssh is running properly.  
> Here are the system specs:
> mysql v3.23.35
> perl 5.005
> FS-1.2.3
> linux 2.2.18
> Thanks in advance.

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