[freeside] ip addresses

Wes Weems wweems at fix.net
Tue Apr 17 12:44:40 PDT 2001


I was working on a similar type application which was completely independant
of freeside, which would take a CIDR addres and subnet, and "assign" those
ip's to a user. Sticking the cidr addresses in a postgres db (with field
type of CIDR). Then somehow attach this cidr network+subnet would be
attached to a package. THis works with routing subnets (something I am using
for DSL accounting) also helps with assinging subnets to new customers.

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From: "Adam Rose" <adamr at eaze.net>
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Subject: [freeside] ip addresses

> What would be the best way to go about logging static ip addresses in the
> user interface?  Our company likes to charge for static ip addresses and I
> am trying to find a way of making them a package for each individual ip
> and blocks of ip address space.
> The idea of making them a package was for billing purposes and tracking
> available/unavailable ip addresses.  I am open to any suggestions.
> Thank you,
> -Adam

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