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rdailey at colusanet.com rdailey at colusanet.com
Tue Apr 17 10:57:43 PDT 2001

Thank you for your help.  I'm afraid, however, that I am not a perl 
programmer.  Is there any references that I should look to (tutorials,etc.) 
in order to implement this?  I am familiar with CRON, already, that's not 
the problem.  I guess I'll have to learn perl.  Or do you know of any perl 
programmers who would be able to write these scripts?

> > I have Freeside set up and all functionality is working. (i.e. Credit
> > Cards, etc.), however I want to set up Freeside to do the following, to
> > mirror our existing billing cycle:
> >
> > All setups are considered to be on the first of the month. (As opposed to
> > the current day, as it does now.)
> >
> > On the tenth day of every month, accounts with a non-zero balance have
> > their packages suspended.
>man cron
>man FS::cust_main (see the balance and all_pkgs methods)
>man FS::cust_pkg (see the suspend method)
> > Also, on the tenth day, invoices are sent out for the next month (i.e. on
> > 4/10/01 invoices are sent out for 5/1/01 to 6/1/01).  No credit cards are
> > charged at this time.
>man cron
>man FS::cust_main (see the payby field, the `time' option of the bill
>method and the `invoice_time' option of the collect method)
> > On the first day of every month, all credit cards are charged for that
> > month: (i.e. on 4/1/01 cards are charged for 4/1/01 to 5/1/01)
> >
> > Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Rick Dailey
<mailto:%2F%2Frdailey at colusanet.com>rdailey at colusanet.com

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