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Mark Dzmura mdz at
Wed May 10 14:59:49 PDT 2000

Thanks for the pointer on the billing script.

I am having a few more problems with 1.2.3:

1. Sometimes a new user "disappears" after having packages configured.
I have since found out that the reason is that I have both of the "hide*"
files in the conf/ directory (because I wanted to minimize clutter on
sales-oriented screens).  What I don't understand is the reason freeside
has set the CANCEL field to null in the service.

2. I am unable to use the new customer form's ability to add an initial package
at account creation time.  I get the error "illegal value for SLIPIP"..
Now, in general, I have no use for a SLIPIP for dialup customers, so I
initially set it to OFF/UNUSED/whatever in the svc_acct template form
for the dialup services, but it still shows up on the configuration forms.
Since then I have tried all other possibilities and can't get the SLIPIP
to go away...  Is it possible that the values of the various _flag fields
in the template table aren't being looked at ??

3. I can't specify a user's email address as the destination for an invoice at
account creation time, because the software determines that the account doesn't
exist yet and won't allow it to be entered...  This is an unfortunate cat-chase-tail
dilemma - but it means that (given #2 above), we have to (1) create a new user,
(2) add a basic package, and (3) edit the user to set the invoice destination to
the user's email address...  Is there some fix for this??

4. Also, it is a pain to keep going back to add new packages to each of the agent types.
"It would be nice if" the package def form had a multiselect combo box, radio buttons,
or some such for each agent category to let you allow/disallow agents at package setup time.
(I know - send the patch !!)

Thanks in advance,
Mark Dzmura

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