[freeside] No matching customers found!

Jim Weeks jim at siteplus.com
Thu Dec 7 08:29:45 PST 2000

ivan wrote,

> On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 08:55:25AM -0500, Jim Weeks wrote:
> > I have searched through the archives for this error and found several
> > posts that describe my problem exactly  however, the solution points to
> > an obsolete patch for a search routine in cust_main.pm.  Circa:
> > http://www.sisd.com/freeside/list-archive/msg01381.html
> Why is the patch obsolete?  It fixes the problem.

I asume the patch is obsolete since it apears to have already been aplied to
version fs-1.2.3 which is the version I am using.

> Please provide the version of Freeside that you are using, and the state
> of your hidecancelledcustomers and hidecancelledpackages configuraiton
> files.
Version fs-1.2.3 . The files both exist, are owned by freeside, and contain
no data.  I did try removing hidecancelledcustomers and was able browse
customers.  Remember, I am able to browse packages either way.


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