[freeside] Referrals

Kristian Hoffmann khoff at pc-intouch.com
Tue Apr 18 12:24:25 PDT 2000

We need to do the same thing with freeside so I've been working on a patch
for that.  I'm about half way done and it works pretty well so far.  For
crediting customers I was just going to credit them 1 month's worth of
service for every n customers they signup.  This way, if you have annual
accounts, it basically works out so they are credited ( recurring fee /
frequency ).  It's possible to set the next bill date to one month in the
future, but that's an accounting nightmare and Ivan's probably already
going to kill me for all the patches I've submitted.

<khoff at pc-intouch.com>

On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Brian Walters wrote:

> We'd like to offer a referral program for our subscribers. As it is today=
> can't figure out any way to track a referral bonus through the system. Si=
> we don't require our users to sign a contract, I'd like to be able to giv=
> the referring customer 1 month of free service after the new customer has
> been with us for 1 month.
> Any ideas?
> Hey Ivan, has any work started to integrate Freeside with the ccvs availa=
> from RedHat?
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