Type Money problem

Mauricio Maldonado mamp at sisnet.net.mx
Wed Oct 20 08:00:49 PDT 1999

Hello everyone!

I've trying to implement Freeside and i think i've done it well so far
until I got stuck with this problem :

Software error:
> Error creating cust_bill record: ERROR: parser:
> attribute 'charged' is of type 'money' but expression
> is of type 'float8' You will need to rewrite or cast 
> the expression ! Check updated but unbilled packages 
> for customer1

I saw references to the problem in the TODO file, but couldn't find a
way to fix the problem in the Record.pm.

I'm using Postgres 6.5.2 and Freeside  1.2.2....  On everything else I
just followed every step described in the documentation.

Does anybody have a hint on this?

Thanks in advance

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