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Ivan Kohler ivan at
Sun Mar 28 21:36:33 PST 1999

Although you do run the web server as the freeside user when using
mod_perl, doing so alone offers no _performance_ improvement.

On Mon, Mar 29, 1999 at 09:12:06PM -0800, christopher norris wrote:
> >> Also it seems to run REAL slow.  For example, if I click on New Customer
> >> from the main menu it takes 22 seconds for the page to come up.  During
> >> that time top shows perl5 running at over 90% of cpu time for about half
> >> the time as user nobody then as user freeside.  Is this a suid perl
> problem?
> >> Would I be better off running suExec from Apache?
> >
> You might consider running the webserver as user freeside , hence no su
> problems, and since it should
> be locked down by various options I don't consider it much of a security
> risk "I could be wrong =)".

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