[freeside] Billing and shell machines

Ivan Kohler ivan at sisd.com
Fri Jul 16 23:32:20 PDT 1999

On Tue, Jul 13, 1999 at 06:37:16PM -0600, Ben Leibig wrote:
> I'm having some problems with freeside billing.
> My situation is this :
> I have some customers entered into the database, all of them are credit card
> except for ONE who is by invoice.
> I am not currently setup with cybercash(which BTW I would be interested in
> doing if anyone has some info on a good bank to use)
> I run bill, now obviously it cant automatically bill, but it doesn't seem to
> create the database as specified in the documentation.

The documentation does not specify that the bill script creates a

The documentation, specifically billing.html, says that a list of cards to
batch will be in the cust_pay_batch table in the database.

If you're not seeing this, I would need a _comprehensive_ problem report
to help you troubleshoot the problem.  Perhaps you're not using the `-c'

>  I guess what I would
> LIKE it to do would be print out a bunch of name/credit card number/amount
> lines on a piece of paper so that someone can go punch them all in.

Hardley seems worth automating this if you're going to just print it on
paper anyway.  *shrug*.  Simply dump the cust_pay_batch table.

>  As for
> how to verify the payment, perhaps have it then prompt yes or no on each
> item it's printed...

The billing.html file of the documentation includes sample code to do
this.  You'll just need to add the loop and the bit that asks "yes/no".  I
would have suggested Term::Query for that in the past, but it doesn't seem
to be maintained anymore.  I haven't had time to look at Quiz::Question
yet, but it looks like it does the same thing.

> Does anyone have some sort of a good method for doing this, does anyone know
> how I can get any sort of billing information out of bill at all.  At this
> point it seems to do nothing.
> As far as shell machines go, does freeside create home directories out of
> the /etc/skel when it adds new users to the shell machine, is it possible to
> do this, what is the current method?

Your adduser command presumably does this.  You could modify Freeside to
copy the /etc/skel.  If you check site_perl/svc_acct.pm, you'll find a
commented-out example of how to do this.

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