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I'm in the process of importing data from and Excel spreadsheet.
One thing I noticed is that we have....special customer information
for some of our accounts.
For example, most of our customer have middle names or initials,
I don't see a field in freeside for that.
Some of them have titles, like MD, or PHD.
Not quite sure the best way to deal with that either.
Finally, some of the billing information might have a contact name
of Joe Smith for a company, but the billing information needs to say
'Attn. Accounting / Jan Jones' or similar.
I would imagine that the easiest way to handle this is just to add
some fields in the database for it, but before I went off and started
to customize this, I wanted to know if anyone else already had these
types of changes.
Also, for those of you who have customized, it might be nice to post
some of your customizations and perhaps offer some instruction to 
people so that we can all have the very best copy of freeside that
we can.
Thanks for your replies.


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