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Ivan Kohler ivan at
Thu Jul 8 00:06:31 PDT 1999

You'll need to know how to use your mysql client, be it mysql, dbimon,
xmysql or whatnot.

You'll need to know SQL, here's a good quick reference:

You'll need to know how Freeside stores dates.  See

    All dates in Freeside are stored as UNIX timestamps.  See the section
    on "time" in the perlfunc manpage.  Also see the Time::Local manpage
    and the Date::Parse manpage for conversion functions.

On Mon, Jul 05, 1999 at 07:43:08PM -0400, Frank Nazario wrote:
> Hi ... i entered a client today that originally paid its 3 month prepaid
> bill  in june ..... i want to know how,with the mysql client that i
> have, i can edit the table cust_pkg.bill  in order to modify the date in
> this table.

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