Ivan Kohler ivan at sisd.com
Wed Jul 7 19:16:46 PDT 1999

On Tue, Jun 29, 1999 at 04:07:25AM -0600, Ben Leibig wrote:
> >
> > One more thing about svc_acct.import I found was that the
> > password fields get
> > messed up and I had to maually fix them from mysql. They were
> > imported as-is
> > and then exported encrypted so I had double encrypted passwords.
> > This really
> > surprised me when I tried to log back in.
> >
> I had this problem as well, what did you do to "manually" fix these?  Does
> freeside encrypt the passwords when they are entered in the customer
> editor... Shouldn't it?  It seems like it does, why is it that imported
> passwords are not the same as they once were?  Ivan... I saw you were asking
> if the problem could be replicated.  I just ran into it... Unfortunitly this
> is on my system which is currently RUNNING a small ISP so there's only a
> mild amount of fiddiling around that can be done... I'd be happy to email
> get you more information however....

Yes, I would like to see this problem replicated, as I've been over the
source several times and the bug as described is not possible.  This leads
me to believe that I'm not understanding the bug description correctly.

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