[freeside] No agents created!

Frank Nazario nazario at pr-plaza.net
Wed Aug 18 04:12:49 PDT 1999

Danaii Maziar wrote:

> Hi,
>   I've installed freeside 1.2.1 under Linux Redhat 5.2. Frankly
> installation procedure is not very clear.
>   Any way, when I try to create new customer with WEB
> interface, I get:
> No agents created! at /home/httpd/html/freeside/edit/cust_main.cgi line 168.
> Any suggestion?
> Thanks
> --
> Easynet France
> 33

you first need to create agents ...... this are the "persons" that will sell
your services and packages..... example you add an agent called Resseller1 then
you assign wich packages is htis reseller allowed to sell..... its tricky but
very simple once you get the hang of it  you can create an infinite set of
services ...then arrange them in packages and assign them to your agents and
thats it....... its really cool.

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