[freeside] perl module changes

Ben Leibig leibig at interfaze.net
Mon Aug 9 06:01:10 PDT 1999

You think you could post all us CVS tree junkies some instructions on how to
migrate over to the new structure?

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> Hi there,
> The current CVS tree has been reorganized.  The site_perl/ directory is
> gone.  All of the useful bits have moved to the FS/ directory, and the
> examples have moved to the eg/ direcotory.  It also got a proper Perl
> installer (perl Makefile.PL; make; make test; make install) and new,
> HTML-ized documentation, with a better index page
> (htdocs/docs/man/FS.html).  As a bonus, you can now type
> `perldoc FS::Record' or `man FS::Record' and that will work too.
> now i sleep.
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