[freeside] First Time Edit of Tax Rates

Ivan Kohler ivan at sisd.com
Tue Aug 3 11:58:57 PDT 1999

I've never encountered this problem.  Please provide more information so I
don't assume a BCC problem.

What tables are created?  Are there any error messages from fs-setup?

On Tue, Aug 03, 1999 at 09:27:39AM -0600, Tech Account wrote:
> I had this problem several times, it's seemingly random.
> every third time or so that you get a completely sucessful run
> of fs-setup, it doesn't do the tax stuff correctly, and causes
> all sorts of problems since there are no states to select.
> re-running fs-setup once more always fixed the problem, of course
> you have to dump the database before you do this (or at least
> delete the data files in the msql/data/freeside directory).
> -Techy

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