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Sat Apr 24 22:12:12 PDT 1999

On Thu, Apr 22, 1999 at 05:10:43PM +0200, Olaf Waitkus wrote:
> 1. Oracle-restrictions: 
> - Oracle refused to create tables with columnnames: '_date', 'comment','uid'

Those aren't SQL2 or SQL3 reserved words (see etc/sql-reserved-words.txt
in the distribution), so we'll have to call this an Oracle-specific
problem for now.

Can you send me a list of Oracle reserved words, and a reference as to
where in the documentation it comes from?  Even better would be a publicly
accessable reference.. 

> - length Objectnames in Oracle seems to be limited to 30 chars ( thus
> 'cust_bill_pkg__pkgnum_invnum_index' not possible)
> so having changed some column-/table-names i expect future problems,

Yes, you will have problems.

It seems PostgreSQL has similar length restrictions, so the long-term idea
is to keep all column names <= X number of characters.  For PostgreSQL, X
seems to be 31.  Can you point me to somplace publicly accessable that
says this should be 30 (or 31, or 32, or...?) for Oracle?

> 2. The Problem i posted was solved , thanks to Aaron.
> The next problem i have is: the user who is trying to connect ot the
> database (mapsecrets-contents:: 'freeside fressidefile', freesidefile:
> DBI:Oracle:orcl2\nfresside\n<pwd>
> can't connect to the database.
> i get a 
> DBI-&gt;connect error: Error while trying to retrieve text for errorORA-12154 (DBDERROR: OCIServerAttach) 
> which is a message out of,#76
> the apache-log-file states:
> "cust_main.cgi: ORACLE_HOMEenvironmentvariable not set!"
> i have apache configured in a way that its running under user 'freeside'.
> oh yes, the database ist up and running well.

Sorry, your database and DBD::Oracle are not setup and running correctly. 
This problem really isn't on-topic for this mailing list, especially since
I don't support Oracle (yet :). 

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