Some simple questions

Ben Leibig leibig at
Sat Apr 24 20:32:42 PDT 1999

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a little clarification on how Freeside
works.  I decided I wanted to go ahead and use the beta CVS version because
from reading the list it seems like many problems get magically fixed this
way, and I'm willing to put the time into the maintenance and really
understanding how the package works.  I hope at some point to be able to
help with some of the development.  There are a few questions which I would
like to get more information on.

	1: I've got two radius servers, one is my Freeside machine and the other is
another machine on the  LAN.  What mechanism does freeside use to export the
radius and password files from the freeside machine to the other radius
machine?  How do I set this up.  It looked like it may be some ssh thing, or
perhaps NIS, it didn't seem really clear.  Could someone please clarify.
	2: I'm a little unclear on the config directories.  Do I put all the config
files in /usr/local/etc/freeside or do I put them in some directory off of
that.  I'm using postgresql, what directory should that be.

		I think that's all for now, thanks for your time and help.

				Ben Leibig
				Technical Director
				Interfaze Computer Solutions

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