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james at wwnet.net james at wwnet.net
Mon Nov 9 14:38:08 PST 1998

On Fri, 6 Nov 1998, Ivan Kohler wrote:

> I wouldn't implement it as a local script.  I wouldn't want users talking
> to my freeside machine; too much potential for DoS attacks.  I'd probably
> do something client/server like fs_passwd (the passwd/chfn/chsh
> replacement): 
> -The freeside machine starts a daemon remotely (via ssh) on the web server.
> -The daemon on the web server opens a protected-mode UNIX domain socket.
> -Processes on the web server talk to the local socket.
> ssh provides strong authentication and encryption on the web server to
> freeside connection.  Presumably the web server would run SSL of some
> sort.  You don't have to allow any userland packets near your freeside
> machine, as all connections are initiated from the freeside machine.

This seems like it would be fairly easy to implement basing it on
fs_passwd.  I do have a few questions about the billing system in
freeside.  When a customer is entered and their card is invalid (not
enough funds, invalid number) how is this handled?  Ideally the card would
be checked as soon as  the user signs up, but considering the time frame I
have for this, it seems like a long term goal.  

> >  I am looking for something that
> > will verify that the users card is valid before adding the user.
> > If there isn't anything like this, I am probably going to end up coding it
> > myself.
> I hope you'll consider checking your code into the CVS tree so that I and
> others can help you out. 

If I end up using freeside for this I will check my code in.  If
freeside works as it should, then I might be able to get my NT guy to give
up rodopi and use freeside for all of our user accounting.  

If that happens, then I will be integrating LDAP functionality into
freeside, as our new mail system (another one of my many projects) is all
going to be based on ldap.


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