Email billing

Matthew Trent term at
Sun Dec 27 23:01:28 PST 1998

I was wondering if billing by email is currently under consideration for
inclusion into Freeside. If not, consider this a suggestion :). 

After looking through the mailing list archives, I saw that the person behind
the "Desk of the Technical Director" was apparently hacking this functionality
in himself. My email met with no reply, so if anyone has has such hacks,
gimme(please? :)). Or maybe if you are out there, "Desk of the Technical
Director" person, and my mail got caught by the spam filters or something, I'd
really like to get my hands on your modifications.

Email billing would be a tremendous time/money saver, and for a small business 
like I work for, that's very important.

Thanks much.
Matthew Trent
Systems Administrator, Vistasafe Inc.
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