Postgres Port update

Ivan Kohler ivan at
Mon Aug 24 21:21:59 PDT 1998

Cleaining out old mail...

I set DBI's ChopBlanks true instead.

On Sun, 29 Mar 1998, News Subsystem wrote:

> Ivan,
> 	I have fixed most of my problems with a small change.  
> Unfortunately, I think it might be a BIG performance pig.  I have added 
> code to FS::Record::new to automatically strip trailing spaces off of 
> strings read from the the database (if datasrc =~ m/Pg/).  To do this, I 
> have to dereference $hashref, and then I match field for a trailing 
> space.  If it has a trailing space, I unpack("A255" it.  I was wondering 
> if you might have a recommendation of any ways to speed this up.
> 	brian

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