People using Freeside?

Richard Archer rha at
Sun Aug 23 22:36:39 PDT 1998

At 4:55 -0000 24/8/1998, freeside at wrote:

>  I have yet to find the time to set up Freeside, but I'm looking to make
>time soon.  Can anyone relay there real world experiences?  So far I've
>managed to hack together very limited accounting software with shell
>scripts, and with my programming abilities, they aren't very flexible.
>  I'd like to make a move to a better system.  Do you think Freeside is
>the way to go at this point, or should I consider waiting a while or
>another option?

Hi Dan,

I looked at Freeside last week, but decided against using it at present.

Like you, I've set up a home-grown billing system. The problem I have now
is that I am used to having infinite flexibility, so I've set up a whole
lot of different billing options. I am having trouble finding a package
that can handle all these different options.

I'm now faced with having to customise a package significantly, or
simplify our pricing structure (which may not be a bad idea anyway ;)

Note that I _highly_ recommend using a good account-management package.
There's nothing worse than not knowing exactly how much each client owes
you (the corollary of which is not being able to easily follow up overdue
accounts). I did not get far enough into FreeSide to know whether or not
it can do this.

I'll be checking out the new version, to see if it meets my needs yet
(or can be easily customised for my circumstances).

Yours sincerely,
Richard Archer.

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