[freeside-devel] Add Spanish to Localization and some terms localized on main screen

Fernando M. Kiernan fkiernan at id.net.ar
Fri Jun 1 13:13:07 PDT 2012

Hi, this is my first contribution to Freeside, I have added Spanish (my language) as a new language
and make some changes to main screen in search pages to allow all text to be localized.

We still aren’t in production as it is a requirement from my bosses to have the app all in Spanish,
and have a manual qualifying module for dsl and ftth so sales people can insert new prospects and
tech people can answer what services are available for them manually. I’m working on both things
right now.

It would be good if you can push this patches to the master git, so I can continue my work without
worrying about menu.html changes as from time to time when I pull changes from master I get some
conflicts mainly because of menu.html changes.

By the other way I have a msgcat table with all already localized terms for Spanish, if you are
interested I can send it to the list.


Thank you in advance


Fernando M. Kiernan

Imágenes Digitales S.A.



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