ivan at 420.am ivan at 420.am
Sat Nov 16 03:57:27 PST 2002

new since 1.4.0pre4:

- show time online & bandwidth used this billing cycle on view account
  screen (sqlradius export)
- Bandwidth charging (input, output, and/or total) from sqlradius
- Hourly charging from sqlradius fixes
- signal-less freeside-queued - no longer dies under heavy load
- ensure binaries are installed no matter what perl's idea of executable
  directories is (Solaris perl, other vendor perl)
- make $old_domain available in the shellcommands export
- shellcommands export: suspension and unsuspension hooks
- vpopmail export: option to run a restart command
- Web UI: show balance on mini-customer view (entering payments, etc.)
- support for a separate processor for ACH
- Web UI: "unapply payment" option
- svc_acct-alldomains config file enables accounts to select any domain
- ACH fixes
- bugfix: close declined invoices from the signup server.
- don't use Pg-specific (and 7.1 minimum version) ILIKE
- prevent a fixed or default username from being defined.  for some
  reason people were constantly doing this and then complaining about
  errors in the signup server
- Change package option for easy package changes
- one (hopefully!) last Mason fix


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