And now for something completely different (svc_* keys)

Dave Burgess burgess at
Tue Nov 27 11:10:30 PST 2001


I'm putting together a short novel on my efforts to implement FreeSide
in an 'existing' environment and need to have one thing clarified before
I tank this installation any worse than it already is.

Do the keys in the various 'svc_*' tables need to be unique amongst the
family of tables?  For example, can I have the same svcnum in the
svc_domain table and the svc_www table?  I know from the database
perspective there is no real restriction, but I want to double check and
make sure I'm not going to hose anything up really badly.

If it doesn't matter, but there is a 'desire' to have them be unique,
I'd like to know that.

Finally, I'd like to know if anyone other than me is even reading the
messages on this list?

Dave "Wandering in the wilderness of PERL and DBD" Burgess

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