mysql and complex queries

ivan ivan at
Mon Nov 19 23:59:45 PST 2001

can mysql handle this query?  if not, what would need to be changed?

SELECT * FROM cust_main left outer join (
  ( cust_pkg left outer join part_pkg using(pkgpart)
  ) left outer join (
        ( cust_svc left outer join part_svc using (svcpart)
        ) left outer join (
          svc_acct left outer join (
            select svcnum, domain, catchall from svc_domain
            ) as svc_acct_domsvc (
              svc_acct_svcnum, svc_acct_domain, svc_acct_catchall
          ) on svc_acct.domsvc = svc_acct_domsvc.svc_acct_svcnum
        ) using (svcnum)
      ) left outer join svc_domain using(svcnum)
    ) left outer join svc_forward using(svcnum)
  ) using (pkgnum)
) using (custnum)

(apologies if the SQL indentation is weird)


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