Configuration of domains

David Morton freeside at
Fri Apr 7 08:24:49 PDT 2000

I ran into another snag...

I get errors with this bit of code in line 37...

@nameservers=map {
      or die "Illegal line in $internic/nameservers";
  } @ns;
  @nameserver_ips=map {
      or die "Illegal line in $internic/nameservers!";
  } @ns;

well, duh, because I haven't defined that configuration yet. :)
Why/when is this callback called?  Can its call depend on whether or not
a configuration exists? :)

I thought I had a new format for configuration files all figured out,
until I discovered what this callback was doing, with subdirectories in
the filename.
I think I can hack around it, but it looks ugly.

where before you had a filename as such:

$tech_contact = $conf->config("$internic/tech_contact");

I put it into a section in my ini file:

tech_contact=joedokes at

I think what I'd like to do is add a third parameter to FS::Conf->config
to support the "section" of configuration.  So then the call above would

$tech_contact = $conf->config("tech_contact", $internic)

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