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retire erik and jason from core

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diff -u -w -d -r1.14 -r1.14.2.1
--- credits.html	13 Jan 2011 05:51:39 -0000	1.14
+++ credits.html	25 Oct 2011 00:56:00 -0000
@@ -32,16 +32,16 @@
 <H3>Core Team</H3>
 Jeremy Davis<BR>
-Jason Hall<BR>
 Ivan Kohler<BR>
-Erik Levinson<BR>
 Mark Wells<BR>
 <H3>Core Emeritus</H3>
 Peter Bowen<BR>
 Jeff Finucane<BR>
+Jason Hall<BR>
 Kristian Hoffman<BR>
+Erik Levinson<BR>
 Brian McCane<BR>
 Richard Siddall<BR>
 Matt Simerson<BR>

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