[freeside-commits] freeside/FS/FS cust_main.pm,1.580,1.581

Ivan,,, ivan at wavetail.420.am
Mon Jun 27 16:19:39 PDT 2011

Update of /home/cvs/cvsroot/freeside/FS/FS
In directory wavetail.420.am:/tmp/cvs-serv32569

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check cust_main.edit_subject, RT#13199

Index: cust_main.pm
RCS file: /home/cvs/cvsroot/freeside/FS/FS/cust_main.pm,v
retrieving revision 1.580
retrieving revision 1.581
diff -u -w -d -r1.580 -r1.581
--- cust_main.pm	27 Jun 2011 07:11:00 -0000	1.580
+++ cust_main.pm	27 Jun 2011 23:19:36 -0000	1.581
@@ -4222,7 +4222,7 @@
 =item unapplied_payments_date_sql START_TIME [ END_TIME ]
 Returns an SQL fragment to retreive the total unapplied payments for this
-customer, only considering invoices with date earlier than START_TIME, and
+customer, only considering payments with date earlier than START_TIME, and
 optionally not later than END_TIME.
 Times are specified as SQL fragments or numeric

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