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RTx-Statistics in 2.1 / 3.8

--- NEW FILE: index.html ---
%# Copyright (c) 1996-2003 Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com>
%# (Except where explictly superceded by other copyright notices)
%# Copyright this file (c) 2003 Harald Wagener <hwagener at hamburg.fcb.com>
%# This work is made available to you under the terms of Version 2 of
%# the GNU General Public License. A copy of that license should have
%# been provided with this software, but in any event can be snarfed
%# from www.gnu.org.
%# This work is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
%# WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
%# General Public License for more details.
%# Unless otherwise specified, all modifications, corrections or
%# extensions to this work which alter its source code become the
%# property of Best Practical Solutions, LLC when submitted for
%# inclusion in the work.
<& /Elements/Header, Title => loc('RT Statistics') &>
<& /RTx/Statistics/Elements/Tabs,  Title => loc('RT Statistics')  &>

<p>These 6 options below enable you to display management data from the RT Database in table and graphical forms, enabling trends, bottlenecks, load problems etc to be identified.
Each contains a description of how the data is displayed and describes the options available to you.</p></&>
<li><strong><a href="CallsQueueDay/index.html">
<&|/l&>Tickets per day per Queue</&></a></strong><br />
<&|/l&>View the number of tickets created, resolved or deleted in a<br /> specific Queue, over the requested period of days</&>
<li><strong><a href="OpenStalled/index.html">
<&|/l&>Tickets status by Queue</&></a></strong><br>
<&|/l&>View numbers of new, open and stalled tickets in a selected Queue</&>
<li><strong><a href="CallsMultiQueue/index.html">
<&|/l&>Tickets per Day in Multiple Queues</&>
<&|/l&>View tickets created, resolved or deleted on in one or more Queues<br /> over a specified time period</&>
<li><strong><a href="DayOfWeek/index.html">
<&|/l&>Tickets per Day of Week (absolute)</&></a></strong><br>
<&|/l&>View trends showing when tickets are created, resolved or deleted</&>
<li><strong><a href="Resolution/index.html">
<&|/l&>Time to Resolve</&></a></strong><br>
<&|/l&>View how long tickets take to be resolved by Queue</&>
<li><strong><a href="TimeToResolve/index.html">
<&|/l&>Time to Resolve (scatter graph)</&></a></strong><br>
<&|/l&>View a detailed scatter graph of time to resolve tickets by Queue</&>

--- NEW FILE: DurationAsString ---
<%$days|'00'%> days <%$hours|'00'%>:<%$minutes|'00'%> 

my $MINUTE = 60;
my $HOUR =  $MINUTE*60;
my $DAY = $HOUR * 24;
my $WEEK = $DAY * 7;
my $days = int($Duration / $DAY);
$Duration = $Duration % $DAY;
my $hours = int($Duration / $HOUR);
$hours = sprintf("%02d", $hours);
$Duration = $Duration % $HOUR;
my $minutes = int($Duration/$MINUTE);
$minutes = sprintf("%02d", $minutes);
$Duration => undef

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